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Alma Schools

Alma High School


Varsity Sideline

Varsity Competitive


Eric Huff- AD



Job Posted: 6/11/2019

birmingham Public Schools

Birmingham Groves High School


Varsity Sideline


Danielle - Varsity Coach


Job Posted: 6/13/2019

CAldonia Public Schools

Caldonia High School


JV Sideline

JV Competitive


Looking for a head coach for 20 girls.


Stacey Molis - Varsity Coach



Job Posted: 6/12/2019

Chippewa hills Schools

Chippewa Hills High School


Varsity Asst Sideline

Varsity Asst Competitive

Middle School Competitive

Rocket/Youth Coach


Danielle Bentley - Varsity Coach


Job Posted: 6/25/2019

Clarkston Schools

Clarkston High School



JV Sideline 


Ashli Domsic


Job Posted: 6/11/2019

Concord Schools

Concord Middle School


Middle School Sideline

Middle School Competitive


Abbey DeHaven - Varsity Coach



Job Posted: 6/25/19

Dearborn Schools

Dearborn Divine Child


JV Sideline

JV Competitive


Shelley Popiel - Varsity Coach


Job Posted: 6/5/19

Godwin heights Schools

Godwin Heights High School


Varsity Asst Sideline

Varsity Asst Competitive

Middle School Competitive


Viktoria Lissner




Job Posted: 6/12/19

Lowell Public Schools

Lowell Middle School


Middle School Sideline

Middle School Competitive


Dana Crumback - Varsity Coach



Job Posted: 7/3/2019

Plymouth Canton Schools

Plymouth Christian Academy


Varsity Asst Sideline

Varsity Asst Competitive


Kate Jones - Varsity Coach



Job Posted: 6/5/2019

schoolcraft Public Schools

Schoolcraft High School


Varsity Sideline

Varsity Competitive


Schoolcraft Middle School


Middle School Competitive


Jeff Clark - AD


Job Posted: 6/25/2019

walled lake Schools

Walled Lake Western 



JV Sideline Asst 

JV Competitive Head Coach


Amber Stocks - Varsity Coach



Job Posted: 7/25/19

whitehall Schools

Whitehall High School


JV Sideline

JV Competitive


Greg Russell - AD



 Knowledge of sideline and competitive cheer

 Outstanding organizational and communication skills

 Prior coaching experience preferred

 Outstanding work habits

 Ability to inspire confidence in and motivate players

 Preferred Whitehall staff member



 Responsibility for the junior varsity sideline and competitive cheer programs

 Organization/scheduling of all practices

 Organization and care of all related equipment

 Management of student behavior during practices and contests

 Communication with students, parents, and other coaches

 Help grow the overall cheer program


All interested individuals please email Athletic Director, Greg Russell at:




Job Posted: 6/5/19