The Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan (CCCAM) is thrilled to be able to offer academic scholarship(s) each season to our Competitive Cheer athletes. The amount awarded and the number of recipients is determined annually, based on the funds raised through the Scholarship Invitational held in December.


Eligible athletes must have an accumulative unweighted grade point average of 3.5 through the end of their junior year, be a member of a current MHSAA Competitive Cheer team and be a graduating senior. The applicant's coach must also be a current CCCAM member and the team MUST compete in the annual Scholarship Invitational. Application forms will be posted soon.


The scholarship application must be completed and sent with a sealed copy of the high school transcript. Two letters of recommendation and a short essay, submitted by the applicant.  Please note the postmark information on the application form.

2020-2021 Scholarship Application

Step 1: Scholarship Application Link

Step 2: Online Recommendation Form

Step 3: Checklist (Pre Submission and Post Submission)

Step 4: Check Application Status 


Guidelines for completing application:




1.  Applicants must follow all requirements to be eligible.

2.  All qualified applicants from MHSAA schools sponsoring Competitive Cheer are eligible

3. Applicants are limited to graduating seniors.

4. Applicants are to have a 3.5 cumulative GPA on an unweighted 4.0 scale, thru the end of their Junior year.

5.  All scholarship recipients’ requests must be postmarked by the 4th Friday in January  of the current calendar year.

6.  The coach of the submitting application must be a current member of CCCAM and individual must have competed in the current season’s CCCAM Scholarship Invitational.



1.  Applicant’s coach must be a current CCCAM member and applicant must compete in the current season’s CCCAM Scholarship Invitational.

2.  Submit an official copy of high school transcript including unweighted G.P.A. through junior year and Proof of SAT Score.

3.  Submit two letters of recommendation: one from high school teacher, administrator or any organization director; other must be from current coaching staff member. These must be completed using the ONLINE RECOMMENDATION FORM.

4. Applicant shall complete online portion of application, then and send transcript including unweighted GPA, and proof of SAT score, to the scholarship director one single envelope.

5. Must include an essay. The essay will cover the topic:  

"How Competitive Cheer Has Impacted My Life." and also include career goals, and also include additional

information such as hobbies, talents, organizations you are a member of, any awards or recognition, community service, 

leadership roles, you have participated in during your high school career.  Be specific.  

6. Extra curriculars must be submitted in LIST format, not essay.

7. If your team did not compete at the Scholarship Invitational, your application will not be accepted.


 Email transcripts to:

Sara Kempton - Scholarship Director